Our Process

How We Do It.

This is an art and if one is not experienced or tries to rush, they can over lift leading to replacement. This is where we stand out. We take our time and monitor as we lift.

Drill Small 5/8″ Holes

5/8″ Holes allow us to attach our ports and attach our injection gun. Accessing from above start to inject.

Inject Polyurethane

At a high pressure polyurethane is injected under the concrete filling voids and lifting as needed. We monitor with digital levels.

Patch Holes With Concrete​​

After the desired lift, we patch the holes with our custom concrete vinyl patch. We developed it so it blends in and doesn’t wash out.

Clean And Seal Joints

Highly recommended. We clean out joints and cracks and seal with a flexible joint sealant. Preventing future issues.

What Causes Concrete To Settle?

Several factors cause concrete to sink and become uneven. There are ways to can avoid most issues.

Poor Soil Conditions​​

Those composed mostly of clay, which is prone to expanding and shrinking due to moisture. When wet, slab can sink into the mud. When dry, the soil shrinks and the slab settles down.


Believe it or not, we see a lot of issues with animals digging under concrete and creating cozy homes for them selves. This allows access for water to wash away soil.

Insufficient Drainage

Easiest one to avoid. This can result from something as simple as a poorly placed downspout. Making sure water can get away from the concrete is important.


This one is a little tricky. Trees root systems can work them selves under concrete and lift slabs upward. This creates tripping hazards and gets worse over time.

Inadequate Soil Compaction

When the slab was installed, usually when home is built, there can be issues with the compaction of soil and preparation of the sub layer. Overtime this leads to settling and voids.


How can a fix cause settling? Mudjacking material is 100lbs a cubic ft and is mostly sand. This adds lots of weight to the failing soil and washes away over time.

Benefits of Using Polyurethane Foam

There are many benefits of using polyurethane foam over replacement or mudjacking.

Cost Effective

This method is typically half the price of replacement depending on the extent of concrete leveling required. Plus with replacement, you may face this issue again.

Cosmetically Appealing

It requires smaller and fewer holes in your concrete compared to other methods such as mudjacking. Also no bright patchy slabs from replacement.

Less Invasive

Less invasive than other methods, it has little impact on your landscape, and because there’s no concrete or grout to splatter about, clean up is minimal.

Strong and Lightweight

Our foam is waterproof and it never loses its density. Weighing only 2 lbs. per cubic foot vs 100 lbs. per cubic foot for mudjacking material. This ensures a lasting solution.

Near-Instant Set Time

Our high density polyurethane foam sets up in minute. This means your concrete will be ready to use immediately! Drive on it after we leave, park on it the next day.


Our foam is composed of 40% recycled materials. It doesn’t break down under the slab and it can be recycled in the future. There is no messy clean up like other methods.

We Provide The Best Service In Industry​​

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